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Dear people who visit my gallery, the scanner thing was fixed so now only some of my pictures have the smiley faces pictures because now I have a tablet and am doing digital work. Thank you and enjoy. :wave:



Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I like drawing cartoons mainly. I try to draw manga every now and then but it doesn't turn out as planned. I like laughing at comedy and horror. I don't know why they both make me laugh. C= I also like seeing other peoples art and if it's funny, I like the jokes and stuff. If it's bueatiful, then "WOW!" I sometimes wish that I could draw something bueatiful but, ah, I'll get there eventually. I ALSO LIKE READING BOOKS OF ALL CADEGORIES EXCEPT ROMANCE. They just make me cry too much and I don't like mushy gooey stuff. No offense to anyone who does like it. So, that's all I can think of. Oh wait, I also like rock music 52%, pop music 25% country music 20%, and rap 3%. I'm kinda weird so keep that in mind. C=
Before we begin, I want to state that Kaylen's new design will be a mix of the things I like from each contest entry, not just one contest entry altogether. Think of it like a fusion of the best parts (to me) of each contest entry. I mean, come on, they all had such good things about them. :heart:

Also, please don't sell your design for Kaylen if you didn't win. Please.

You read right! :icongirlyrainbowvampire: and I have finally decided who the winners of the contest are after days of thinking it over!

Now I will admit, it was difficult as hell because everyone who joined had wonderful wonderful art! I am so grateful to everyone! I am! *kiss kiss* Thank you so much all of you!

The Winners

First Place: :iconmackenzie99:  CE: Kaylen by mackenzie99 200 Points and a full body full color drawing by me.
Second Place: :iconfeliqueak: Kaylen Redesign Contest Entry by Feliqueak 150 Points and a waist up full color drawing by me.
Third Place: :iconzzzkeo:  CHARACTER CONCEPT: KAYLEN by zzzKEO100  Points and a head shot full color drawing by me.

SIDE NOTE: YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD IT WAS TO PICK BETWEEN THESE THREE! *Screaming* Okay, as I said, these were all such close ties with eachother! They're all so good! Look at them! I had to look between these three side by side for half an hour trying to pick who was first second and third! Not to mention, :icongirlyrainbowvampire: had to help me make the final decision. But know that I love each and every one of the contest entries equally and thank you all so much again! Miuna Crying Icon Big happycryHug  

Honorable Mentions
:iconitsaaudra: Contest Entry - Kaylen Re-Design by itsaaudra
:iconmcwuffles: LaughterLover contest entry by MCwuffles
:iconxovinx: (Redesign Contest): Once Kaylen, Now... by Xovinx
Honorable mentions are the ones that were extremely well done but did not make it into the top three winners. They will each receive a full colored and shaded head shot from :icongirlyrainbowvampire: as well as 15 points each from me. :D Thank you all so much! Happycry V2 :happycry: Revamp Hug 

Remaining Contestants
:iconjinxazumarai: :
:iconpunkboyzjma: Kaylen (Contest Entry) by punkboyzjma
:iconpk-alice: .:.Contest Entry.:. by PK-Alice
All these remaining contestants will get a full body sketch with flat coloring from me as well as 5 points. :D :slipperyhug: Tackling hug 

And once again thank you so much everyone who entered! You made me happier than you could know. I mean, gosh, it was such a great turn out compared to what I thought I would get. If you choose to accept your art prize, then note me with what you want as well as note :icongirlyrainbowvampire: with what you want. I will be handing out the points shortly. :wave:

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That Story
This is based on a story I had to read in Spanish class where a man killed a cat, a dog, and a horse to prove something to his new wife. Afterward, I drew a traditional drawing of this and decided to digitize it today. They're singing "Over The Garden Wall" because some of the fans of OTGW believe it is a purgatory of sorts. Those poor animals would definitely go there. Anyways, enjoy. I'm also practicing on my shading.
Surrender by LaughterLover
This is the sketch of the continuation to my previous sketch of Ty and Lindsey here.…

Basically possession type thing. I'm happy with it and wanted to post up the sketch before I finish it. :D Anyways, enjoy.
Feeling Weird Sketches by LaughterLover
Feeling Weird Sketches
I think I have art block. Sketching like this is helping me get over the art block. Now I have a couple of things I actually want to draw. Enjoy these sketches in the meantime. :)
Old Angry Drawing by LaughterLover
Old Angry Drawing
I drew this, probably sometime last year, and decided to post it now since I forgot to before. :shrug: I don't remember what got me so angry and made me draw this.
Daenerys Targaryen (Prize) by LaughterLover
Daenerys Targaryen (Prize)
I did my best. I promise. Third place prize for :iconzzzkeo: of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I hope you like it. :D And thank you for joining my contest. :heart:

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